Home Appliances And Gadgets Headed For Extinction

Chefs and homeowners around the world have always looked for ways to make life around the house a little easier, cleaner, and smoother. Over the decades, countless gadgets and appliances have appeared and become beloved household items: toasters, microwaves, blenders, and so many more. But not all home appliances stick around. Some gadgets do nothing … Read more

LG Releases New Steam Washing Machine

In the past few years, washing machines have stepped up their cleaning abilities. Where old models simply laundered clothes in varying temperatures of water, today’s laundry appliances can almost do it all. LG has taken laundry to a new level with its latest washer. The appliance is the first of its kind – not only … Read more

Tide Detergent Is A Hot Black Market Item

Tide laundry detergent is one of the most popular cleaning products on store shelves. It’s also a very popular item on the black market. It’s no joke – Tide is one of the most shoplifted items in the country according to the National Retail Federation. But why are thieves targeting Tide? It turns out that … Read more

Clothing that Cleans the Earth!


Try this on for size… smarty pants Researchers at the University of Sheffield are toiling away at creating a laundry detergent solution that when used to wash your dirty cloths will then scrub the toxins from our polluted planet when you wear them out. What an amazing concept… and role-reversal — you can now clean the … Read more