What You Need to Know Before Buying a Refrigerator Freezer for Your Garage

Is your kitchen refrigerator-freezer so packed with food that finding the items you want is virtually impossible? Short of downsizing your family, you have come to realize that the best solution to this problem is to put a refrigerator in your garage. Before you simply move your kitchen model outside, it’s important to learn about … Read more

Haier Recognized as the Best Single-Door Refrigerator

single door budget refrigerator by Haier

Over the past 31 years, the China-based Haier company has developed a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, affordably priced consumer electronics and home appliances. In fact, it is now one of the largest companies of its type world-wide, manufacturing high-tech products ranging from televisions and mobile phones to computers. Production facilities can be found in Europe, … Read more

How to keep your refrigerator from breaking in the summer

As the temperatures rise, the heat can be harmful to your refrigerator. Refrigerators and freezers struggle to keep a set temperature as the ambient temperatures around get higher. To avoid costly repairs, you should make sure to properly maintain the refrigerator.  There are a few things to do to keep it running well. Condenser Maintenance … Read more

New Fridge Makes Opening Doors Even Easier

If you hate grabbing your refrigerator’s door handles with dirty, sticky hands, there’s a new fridge on the market that can help. The Vegeta line by Toshiba is revolutionizing the way refrigerators open. Rather than using handles to pull open one (or both) of the appliance’s doors, Vegeta refrigerators use only a button. One touch … Read more

New Refrigerators Offer Hot And Cold Water

Getting a cool glass of water filled with floating ice cubes from your refrigerator is nothing new. But the latest fridges have something different to offer: steaming hot water. At this week’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, appliance manufacturing giant GE introduced a refrigerator that offers users both cold and hot water. The new … Read more

Refrigerators Learn To Tweet

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada never fails to wow consumers and critics alike with technology straight from the future. This year, it seems refrigerators are stealing the show – thanks to their new communication abilities. At their CES appliance panels, both Whirlpool and LG announced they will release refrigerators (and a … Read more

Samsung On Its Way To Becoming The Top Home Appliance Company

Everyone knows about Samsung’s impressive lineup of TVs, smartphones, and other mobile devices. But that’s not all the company is becoming known for – Samsung is well on its way to ruling the appliance world as well. The South Korea-based electronics company recently set a goal of becoming the number one appliance manufacturer by 2015. … Read more

Designs for Washer and Driers

Here at Allen & Sons we celebrate and envy well built appliances. One of the things we enjoy most about fixing your broken appliances is seeing how creative people have become. We’ve seen it all, from retro inspired refrigerators to fridge frames, chalkboard painted appliances and purple washer and driers. Unfortunately laundry is inevitable, and … Read more

Dishwashing Bookcase

If you’re anything like me, loading and unloading the dishwasher can become somewhat of a begrudging task. But what if there was no need to load and unload? An all new prototype design for dishwashers was recently released by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard at the University of Quebec. The design is bookcase inspired and … Read more

Our New Ping Pong Club is now open for customers!

Although our Appliance Repair Company is considered to be one of the Southern California’s largest (in its professional field), we still strive to keep its employees as close and family-like as possible.  This is why our management has created a recreation center where our repairmen can rest from work in a fun atmosphere of playing … Read more