Do Smart Appliances Cost More to Repair?

Today’s “smart” appliances are more efficient and customizable than ever. But do all of their bells and whistles make repairing them more daunting and expensive? Look at the facts. There is no doubt that fixing your high-end machines, including Samsung appliance repair, will cause a bigger hit to your pocketbook these days. That’s because today’s … Read more

Does Buying the Extended Warranty on Your Appliances Make Sense?

Take a moment to think about your washer and dryer, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, microwave and garbage disposal. These are the appliances that make your life easier every day, and they represent a significant financial investment. Buying them is costly enough, but repairing them when something goes wrong can also set you back financially. That may … Read more

Common Repairs for Your Stove and Oven

appliance tech repairing stove top

Just when you have a big family dinner on the horizon, the unthinkable happens: Your stove or oven goes on the fritz. Can you conceive of a more horrible nightmare? Before you curl into the fetal position with blankets over your head, take heart. There are steps you can take to figure out what is … Read more

Whirlpool Named Most Admired Company

Home appliance company Whirlpool knows how to conduct business. For the third year in a row, Whirlpool has won the honor of ranking highly on Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list. The appliance manufacturer finished first in the Home Equipment, Furnishings industry. Whirlpool ranked highest when it came to people management, quality of management, … Read more

Home Appliances And Gadgets Headed For Extinction

Chefs and homeowners around the world have always looked for ways to make life around the house a little easier, cleaner, and smoother. Over the decades, countless gadgets and appliances have appeared and become beloved household items: toasters, microwaves, blenders, and so many more. But not all home appliances stick around. Some gadgets do nothing … Read more

New Italian Microwave Does It All

The microwave is a household necessity. The convenience of making a quick dinner, defrosting frozen goods, and even heating water all rely on the microwave. What more could we ask for? Italian appliance maker Ariete recently introduced a completely new kind of microwave. In fact, their microwave is so innovative, it takes convenient and fast … Read more

Clothing that Cleans the Earth!


Try this on for size… smarty pants Researchers at the University of Sheffield are toiling away at creating a laundry detergent solution that when used to wash your dirty cloths will then scrub the toxins from our polluted planet when you wear them out. What an amazing concept… and role-reversal — you can now clean the … Read more

Stove on the Move

This stove will speak to the mobile chef in you. Now, not only can you eat your meal in front of the TV but you can cook it there too. Yah, that’s right. A new cooking “trolly” called Coox makes it possible to wheel your portable cooking stove around with you wherever you go. Coox is … Read more

Thank You Whirlpool – Incredible Green Kitchen

We’ve seen countless appliances that aim at providing an eco friendly, energy efficient product but we’ve never seen one like this. Whirlpool is at it again, this time with their incredible Green Kitchen. Designed and developed in Europe, Green Kitchen aims to adapt, reduce, and recylce. The nature inspired, top of the line kitchen offers … Read more