Jenn-Air loves!

These last couple of days have been very productive and holiday-ish for Within the same week, we have managed to set up special classes with Whirlpool and Jenn-Air (which have allowed our repairmen to be even more proficient in working on our partners’ newest highly computerized appliance machines), as well as we have received … Read more

Congrats, Allen!

photo Allen

Today, the whole MyApplianceService family congratulates our leader (our General Manager) – Allen – with his big Table Tennis award.  Allen is not only a great businessman and an extremely experienced appliance repair person, but he is also a man with an admiration for sport – he is a Table Tennis pro who competes on … Read more

Our New Ping Pong Club is now open for customers!

Although our Appliance Repair Company is considered to be one of the Southern California’s largest (in its professional field), we still strive to keep its employees as close and family-like as possible.  This is why our management has created a recreation center where our repairmen can rest from work in a fun atmosphere of playing … Read more

Looking for a Job in the San Fernando Valley Area?

As President of the United States has already mentioned, the job market will start growing soon… Although he was talking about government jobs mostly, it  looks like team is working hard on his promise, as well! Jokes aside, yes, we really are looking to hire more customer service representatives to work in our Canoga … Read more

Appliance Repair Cost Calculator

Every time customers call our appliance repair company, the very first question I hear is “how much would it be to fix such and such thing?” Obviously, it is almost impossible to respond to this without conducting a physical check-up of the broken unit first.  However, Allen and Sons Appliance Repair did find a solution … Read more

A video letter from a customer

Whirlpool Duet 9750 Steam Gas – User Interface Problem. Finally, technology has come to the point where customers not only call us with the appliance problems but also send us the videos of their broken machines.  This one is of the Whirlpool Duet 9750’s with a model number – WFW9750WW and it has a malfunctioning … Read more

Back to the Future… in a Refrigerator

It has been over 20 years since Steven Spielberg has shaken the world with his DeLorean Time Machine. Imagine how shocking it was for me to find out that the car was not even the original time transportation device considered by the movie makers! As I have learned just yesterday, the actual idea was to … Read more