Ultra Luxurious Kitchens We Admire

To some, the kitchen is just another room in the house, to others it’s a gathering place, and while the kitchen may be separated and closed off from the rest of the house, many kitchens are part of an open-floor-plan. Either way, a kitchen shouldn’t break the design of a house full of tasteful furniture … Read more

Stove on the Move

This stove will speak to the mobile chef in you. Now, not only can you eat your meal in front of the TV but you can cook it there too. Yah, that’s right. A new cooking “trolly” called Coox makes it possible to wheel your portable cooking stove around with you wherever you go. Coox is … Read more

Thank You Whirlpool – Incredible Green Kitchen

We’ve seen countless appliances that aim at providing an eco friendly, energy efficient product but we’ve never seen one like this. Whirlpool is at it again, this time with their incredible Green Kitchen. Designed and developed in Europe, Green Kitchen aims to adapt, reduce, and recylce. The nature inspired, top of the line kitchen offers … Read more

A Dishwasher We Look Forward To Using

Washing dishes isn’t something we do because it makes us happy, and it certainly isn’t something we look forward to. That’s why Electrolux has designed two new concepts for dishwashing that we’re excited to try out because they might just change the way we feel about dishwashing. The first dishwasher is actually built into your … Read more

The Intimacy of Your Fridge


As a photographer traveling around the world, Stephanie de Rouge became fascinated by big cities. She wondered how exactly people in these big cities kept their sense of self, how they maintained intimacy when their surroundings were so invasive and exciting, and sometimes even hostile. She began photographing people in their most intimate surroundings (or so … Read more

Designs for Washer and Driers

Here at Allen & Sons we celebrate and envy well built appliances. One of the things we enjoy most about fixing your broken appliances is seeing how creative people have become. We’ve seen it all, from retro inspired refrigerators to fridge frames, chalkboard painted appliances and purple washer and driers. Unfortunately laundry is inevitable, and … Read more

Dishwashing Bookcase

If you’re anything like me, loading and unloading the dishwasher can become somewhat of a begrudging task. But what if there was no need to load and unload? An all new prototype design for dishwashers was recently released by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard at the University of Quebec. The design is bookcase inspired and … Read more

Energy Report – Heading into the Age of Energy Efficiency

According to Park Associates consumer research firm, American homes are becoming more energy conscious and heading into a smarter appliance future. The firm has predicted that by 2020, 60% of U.S. homes will have a type of smart energy management system. These systems will enable you to watch just how you consume energy and can … Read more

You Thought Your Appliances Where Smart…

If you’re already amazed by how much your new, modern appliances can do, you’ll be in awe when you learn of these three simple add-ons to make your appliances even smarter. Smarter appliances equals less busy work for you, and the best part is, these add-ons are all fairly cheap. 1.) Electric Imp – This … Read more

Why Are Energy Effiecient Appliances SO Important?

If you follow our blog, it’s likely that you are familiar with our emphasis on energy efficient appliances. As we move into a future with new technology, we are also becoming more aware of how much damage we’ve caused to our environment from our lack of technology. Now that we know what we can do … Read more