Appliance Repair Cost Calculator

Appliance Repair Cost CalculatorEvery time customers call our appliance repair company, the very first question I hear is “how much would it be to fix such and such thing?” Obviously, it is almost impossible to respond to this without conducting a physical check-up of the broken unit first.  However, Allen and Sons Appliance Repair did find a solution – it came up with a new tool called Average Repair Cost Calculator. This tool makes it extremely easy for customers to get a ballpark figure on their repair:  once the customer enters the broken unit information (such as the appliance type, its brand name, and a problem) and presses “continue”, the statistical result pops up.

Allen and Sons Appliance Repair rather considers its Average Repair Cost Calculator an experimental tool (which is working in beta version for now).  This is why the IT team is looking forward to customer’s feedback in the “comments” section of the site. The results are based on the company’s previous repairs of a similar kind and, therefore, are pretty accurate, although it is always important to remember that every broken unit may be having its own nuances.

With or without using this cool new calculator, Allen and Sons still encourages its customers to have the professional repairmen diagnose broken appliances.  To schedule an appointment, feel free to click here, or call 1(800)828-0887.

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