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6 Surprise Repairs Your Home Warranty Covers

Refrigerator repairmanIt’s confession time. You know you have a home warranty, but do you have any idea what it actually covers? You might have a sense that it addresses the “big systems” in your home, i.e. heating and cooling, major appliances, etc. However, you have no idea if there is more. Read on to learn what you should already know about your home warranty policy.


When your fridge or its included ice maker bites the dust, things can get ugly – and stinky – very quickly. Isn’t it nice to know that your home warranty might cover repairing or replacing this major appliance? That’s a pretty “cool” piece of knowledge to have, pun intended.

Right along with your refrigerator repair comes the food that may have spoiled inside it. This can come to a pretty penny if you are in the habit of freezing a lot of premium steaks or high-end fish fillets. Your home warranty might come to your rescue and help you recoup the cost of what you have lost.

Ceiling Fans

These appliances can escape your notice for weeks and even months on end, but if one or all of them stops working during a heat wave, that all changes. Your home warranty will most likely cover the cost of the repair of blades that have stopped spinning or an electrical issue.

Code Violations

Let’s say you are getting an appliance repaired and much to your horror, your technician uncovers a code violation that you have no choice but to address. Many of these infractions can be quite costly. Isn’t it great to now learn that your home warranty could foot the bill

Garage Door Opener

You count on your garage door opener to let you in and out reliably. When it stops working, it quickly becomes a major inconvenience. Although your standard home warranty policy probably does not cover replacing your garage door opener, you can usually add more coverage and include it in the rider.

Telephone Wiring

If you’re still using a landline telephone, here’s some good news: Your home warranty will cover the cost of repairs if there are flaws in your wiring that keep you from being able to dial out or receive incoming calls. Knowing this could save you some hefty repair charges from the phone company.

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal system was included when you bought your home, the cost of repairing or replacing it is usually covered in your home warranty. The same applies to your microwave if it is built-in.

If you’re not sure if something is protected under your home warranty, remember this quick rule of thumb: If it’s not specified in the warranty’s language, it probably isn’t covered. If there is an item that you want to be sure is included that you don’t see in the contract and you haven’t signed it yet, you can try to negotiate for it. Otherwise, you might be able to purchase additional coverage to pertain to specific areas of need.


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