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Common Repairs for Your Stove and Oven

Posted: 9/17/2015

Just when you have a big family dinner on the horizon, the unthinkable happens: Your stove or oven goes on the fritz. Can you conceive of a more horrible nightmare? Before you curl into the fetal position with blankets over your head, take heart. There are steps you can take to f... read more

Maytag Teaming up with MLB

Posted: 9/9/2015

At first, a partnership between Major League Baseball and washing machine maker Maytag seems incongruous. What could pitches, catches and sliding into home plate possibly have to do with front loaders, tubs and agitators? One has only to be the parent or partner of an athlete ... read more

6 Surprise Repairs Your Home Warranty Covers

Posted: 8/26/2015

It’s confession time. You know you have a home warranty, but do you have any idea what it actually covers? You might have a sense that it addresses the “big systems” in your home, i.e. heating and cooling, major appliances, etc. However, you have no idea if there is more. Read on... read more

How to Avoid Being Scammed by Appliance Repair Companies

Posted: 8/19/2015

When your refrigerator calls it quits or your washing machine dies mid-cycle, you quickly come to realize how much you rely on your appliances. Whether it’s the prospect of your valuable food spoiling or the disquieting idea of dirty laundry rapidly taking over your home, getting... read more

Haier Recognized as the Best Single-Door Refrigerator

Posted: 8/5/2015

Over the past 31 years, the China-based Haier company has developed a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, affordably priced consumer electronics and home appliances. In fact, it is now one of the largest companies of its type world-wide, manufacturing high-tech products ra... read more

How to keep your refrigerator from breaking in the summer

Posted: 1/27/2014

As the temperatures rise, the heat can be harmful to your refrigerator. Refrigerators and freezers struggle to keep a set temperature as the ambient temperatures around get higher. To avoid costly repairs, you should make sure to properly maintain the refrigerator.  There are... read more